The principles for good pharmaceutical procurement, are based on four strategic objectives. Both the strategic objectives and the operational principles are relevant to any drug supply system:

Four strategic objectives of pharmaceutical procurement

  • Procure the most cost-effective drugs in the right quantities
  • Select reliable suppliers of high-quality products
  • Ensure timely delivery
  • Achieve the lowest possible total cost

Senior managers responsible for procurement must ensure that pharmaceutical procurement is carried out effectively, efficiently and in accordance with the country’s policies, laws and regulations.

Pharmaceutical procurement is a specialized professional activity that requires a combination of knowledge, skills and experience.

Prospective suppliers should be pre-qualified, and selected suppliers should be monitored through a process which considers product quality, service reliability, delivery time and financial viability.

Procurement procedures/systems should include all assurances that the drugs purchased are of high quality, according to international standards.

“World Health Organization (WHO)”